Best Sex Toys For Women – A Small Buying Guide

adult shop When it comes to sex toys for women, everyone wants to know what toys are the best ones to start with and what are the best ones in general. Men want to know because they want to satisfy their female partners and spice up their sex life, while women want to have some fun for themselves as well as enhance their sex life.

If you are a bit inexperienced when it comes to these toys, you might be a bit timid and worried as to what toys you should buy. To help you out with this, we have prepared this small buying guide for female sex toys that you will hopefully find useful.

Women sex toys buying guide


Let’s start with the simplest of toys. There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about vibrators and their uses. These are very small and handy toys that are also very simple to use and perfectly safe. When looking for one, make sure to look for rubber or silicone vibrators, as they provide maximum flexibility and ease of use. When it comes to the colors and designs, it is all about your personal preference.

Rabbit sex toys

These toys are variations of the vibrators, and as such, they have become one of the most popular toys used by women these days. These vibrators are also known as rabbit vibrators. When compared to the classic ones, rabbit vibrators do have not only a shaft for vaginal stimulation, but also a smaller, rabbit-shaped vibrator that provides the clitoris with an external stimulus, via the tickling motion caused by the rabbit’s ears.

Sex pumps for women

Even though many think that sex pumps are only for men, there are plenty of models for women as well. These pumps are designed to arouse the women’s erogenous areas by increasing the flow of blood to the breasts and the clitoris. This way, women can enhance their pleasure to their nipples and the labia. This is made possible by using a sucking motion, which creates a vacuum in the chamber of the pump. Some of the modern sex pumps also feature a vibrating motion, which will tickle the intimate areas at the same time.

Clitoral stimulators and Butterfly stimulators

Clitoral stimulators are better known as clit vibrators. These toys usually come in the form of cock rings, and they are commonly worn on the base of the penis. Their main feature is a bumpy surface, which is intended to arouse the clitoris during sexual intercourse. Many consider mini vibrators as clitoral stimulators, as they can be used either for solo masturbation or with a partner.

Butterfly stimulators fall into a more discrete group of sex toys. These can be conveniently worn underneath clothing. When activated, a butterfly stimulator will generate massaging vibrations to the clitoris, at various speeds. Butterfly stimulators can come either as wireless or wired units, whereas some models also feature mini internal stimulators which can be used to provide doubled toy

Strap-on toys

Finally, you can also consider a variety of strap-on toys. These are equally popular among straight and gay couples. A strap-on is a harness with a strapped on dildo. It is aimed at stimulating the vaginal passage or the anus and can be used for mutual or solo masturbation. These days, there are also strapless strap-on toys, which can be used to stimulate both the anal and the vaginal area.…