Top Tips to Approach Cute Women


Men are often looking for the best way to find love. If you do not fancy doing the online route, you have no option but to meet the woman of your dream in person. Building up your confidence and walking straight to a beautiful stranger, striking a conversation, and leaving a lasting impression is all it takes. It is always easier said than done. You might start by looking for tips from online publications. However, convincing any woman is all about getting the small things right. Here are some simple tips that could make a girl like you.

Be Chill

finding loveMost women enjoy the company of a confident man. As much as both of you might be busy trying to get things done, a random approach requires zero chills. However, as you interrupt and seek attention, make sure you present yourself in a calm, cool, and collected way. If you feel nervous meeting a new woman, what about pulling a stunt such as pretending that you are talking to a long friend you have not seen in years. It is all about building your inner confidence.

Ditch the Pickup Line

Gone are the days of using pickup lines. While some might work depending on how witty you are, most women today have heard of all manner of pickup lines and probably do not want to hear anything about them. Instead, find the best way to be yourself and to know her organically. Women are keen to identify genuine interest. So if you can find a way of creating genuine interest, you are way ahead of those who keep reciting pickup lines.

date Check Her Body Language

Always make sure that you pay attention to a woman’s body language. Once you have slid a conversation, see if she looks at you or has registered a smile. If you have the green light, you can always proceed. Other important cues to look for are her willingness to have a conversation, leaning towards you, or subconscious movements mimicking some of yours.

Respect Her Time

If a woman shows interest and you feel that you have done everything right, never make the mistake of going hard. Instead of monopolizing her time, give her some time, but make it known to her that you are open to having a conversation. Respecting a woman’s time at your first meeting is a sign of respect.

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